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Who am I?

Hello, I am Stephanie. It’s wonderful to meet you. I started this website because I bought my domain name on a whim thinking I might need it someday. Sorry to all the other Stephanie Nams in the world. I also wanted a place I can compile all of the things I am and will be doing. I started this blog because I can write more coherently than I can speak. Also, I have been moving around so much lately, there is no place I can confidently call home, and when people ask me what I’ve been up to, all I can muster is a few words in response which is only 1% of the story. Here is the rest. (Or at least 10%.) Born in South Jersey, raised in Las Vegas, and studying in Philadelphia. Currently in Buenos Aires, making my way around the world (kind of). I love to photograph, sing randomly in public, write, talk to strangers, laugh without reason, draw, find beauty in the everyday, travel, cook, sip cappuccinos for hours, and learn all about cultures and languages. I am an undergraduate student, trying to find my passion, living in the moment, answering a little bit every day Who am I?


I love hearing stories and am an excellent listener, so please share yours with me! To find out more about me, read my blog posts, contact me, or check out my instagram, twittercouchsurfing profile, facebook, or linkedin.

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