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Hello world! Starting a website or blog.

I am feeling very welcomed by the internet! I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now and have finally gotten around to doing it. The hardest part is definitely starting, so if you are thinking about starting up a blog or website, do it! Do it now! (Before someone steals the domain name you’ve been dreaming of.)

I just followed the instructions here and am using DreamHost with this Lifehacker deal.

I basically only know the amount of technology necessary to get by in everyday life with some knowledge of the Adobe Design suite, so I never even knew things like hosting domains costed money or that hosting even exists…

Well, I’m glad I figured it out, and that the oh-so-precious www.firstnamelastname.com domain was available for me. Look out for photos, writings, and whatever else I come up with in the future!

3 thoughts on “Hello world! Starting a website or blog.”
  1. Debby Chiang September 9, 2013 on 12:23 Reply


  2. Mike Wallagher October 6, 2013 on 06:12 Reply

    Wow, your blog has great outlook.

    I’m glad my tutorial helped you!

    • Stephanie Nam October 7, 2013 on 23:36 Reply

      Yes, thank you so much! It was very inspiring.

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